SD Card Images

You can download the customised version of the Raspbian operating system that we use at the Jam here. Remember that all of the Jam worksheets are available on the image and most of the software we have used is preconfigured for you too.


Most of our worksheets that we use at our Jams are available over on our GitHub page. You can download them from there in either a PDF format (ready to print or view on a computer) or as the Scribus format (along with all of the graphics and fonts used) if you want to edit them and make them you own.

All worksheets are released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license, so please respect this when copying the work!

Newer worksheets have been made in Google Docs (as it is much quicker than Scribus!) and we have posted them as links below.

18th HullRaspJam – 1st February 2020

17th HullRaspJam – 13th July 2019