About Us

Information about HullRaspJam and Raspberry Jam Events

What is HullRaspJam?

HullRaspJam is the name chosen for the Hull Raspberry Jam event. We have been running HullRaspJam events roughly every other month since our first Jam back in April 2016. We run our events from the Hull Central Library, so we are ideally placed in the centre of town making it easy for everyone to get to us. Our events tend to take the form of workshops and show-and-tells.

What is a Raspberry Jam?

A Raspberry Jam is a meetup of people who are interested in making things with the Raspberry Pi computer and other digital things. They are community run events which are not directly affiliated to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. There are Raspberry Jam events run all over the world, and you can find out where the upcoming ones are by checking out the Jam Map over on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Jam pages.